miércoles, 1 de julio de 2009

=*My Dog*=

This is my dog his name is Jack. His hair is light yellow and white, he eyes' are big and black.

He has the most beautifuls eyes in the world. Also he is the strongest and faster dog .

Jack dosen't like cats and hates to take a bath. He eat very fast. He likes to eat chicken bones, he prefers to eat bones than dog's food. He loves playing with his plastic bone and dolphin.

Jack participated in a eat contest for dogs and won the second place. He has fallen of the roof four times. Jack has bitten many people in his life for example: my mother, my brother, the neighbor, my cousin, the electrician, and many more. He is a very intelligent dog. My family and I have taken care of Jack since he was a puppy. He has lived in our house for three years. Jack hasn't had girlfriend yet, but he is very happy with his life.

We love Jack, he is a wonderful dog.

lunes, 22 de junio de 2009

My last Vacations

My last vacations I went to Chihuahua with my family. We visited to my grandmother in Terrero a one town of Chihuahua. In Terrero my brother and I went to swim in the river and rode a horse.

With my father and cousins we went to hike in the mountain. In the mountain we were walking when my brother saw a little snake, but he snake didn't do anything. Also in Chihuahua we went to Recowata, Mahuarichi and Huapoca, they are hot water springs, there we swam every day. Another day we went to the Basaseachi waterfall in this place we had a picnic and descended the waterfall. Baseaseachi is the longest waterfall in Mexico.The last day of vacations in Terrero we celebrated my cousin's birthday and returned to Tampico.

lunes, 15 de junio de 2009

*My Friends*

My name is Coral, Ilive in Tampico and I am student. My hair is black and stright, my eyes are black and I'm medium height. I love cats.

They are my friends, their names are Deyanira, Joselin and Nicolas.We studie in the I.C.E.S.T high school, it is in Madero city, we go to school from Monday to Friday. In this picture we're on the school's stairs, after the drawing class. We are seventeen years old. Deyanira's hair is blond and wavy, she has a cellphone in her hand. Joseline's hair is black and very stright, she is thin and tall, she wear a big and blue bracelet. Nico is tall and thin, he's very funny, in this picture he close his eyes. In the school we play, study, talk and eat lunch.

With my friends the school is more funny, Ilike talk with they because is very interesting.